Founded in 2005, Bubbleroom is a pureplay ecommerce retailer specialising in women’s apparel, operating in the Nordic Countries. Bubbleroom is now the number one Scandinavian retailer for women’s party fashion.

Bubbleroom started working with RichRelevance in 2016 and have deployed both personalized recommendations, Recommend™, and personalized browse and navigation, Discover™, on their desktop and mobile sites. Personalized product recommendations enable Bubbleroom to craft highly tailored and accurate suggestions for their shoppers, with personalized browse and navigation helping shoppers locate the right products, more easily.

“The RichRelevance personalization solutions have helped us enhance the customer experience on our website. As a result of using RichRelevance we have improved our conversion rate by 11% and average order value by 9.5%” commented Ville Kangasmuukko, CEO at Bubbleroom


Towards the end of 2016 Bubbleroom turned their attention to their mobile site. Bubbleroom refused to accept their mobile conversion rate of 1.3%, half that of their website, was good enough. Rebuking the myth shoppers research and browse when on their mobile, rather than purchase, Bubbleroom sought to improve theirs through optimizing the mobile experience for shoppers. They targeted themselves with achieving a similar conversion rate to the website rate of 2.4%.

“We saw the potential mobile presented.” explained Ville, “With industry gures telling us that 4 in 10 transactions involved multiple devices, and with the number of purchases on mobile devices on the rise, we believed there was an opportunity to do much better than we were. While mobile traffic represented 50% of our traffic volume, it was only delivering 30% of revenue.”

With over 50 brands and 65,000 products, the main challenge Bubbleroom faced on mobile was the limitations in showing the wide range of products and brands they had on the smaller device. With limited options to display recommendations on mobile, Bubbleroom had to ensure they didn’t waste this opportunity to inspire shoppers with their suggestions.


Bubbleroom turned to data as the answer.

The RichRelevance User Profile Service, (UPS) builds one profile for each customer, tracking all activity as it happens across all sales channels. Every view, click and purchase is stored, building a holistic profile for each customer, which is then available within a second to drive personalized decisions on the subsequent options presented to each shopper as they travel on their shopping journey.

“Through the UPS there was a wealth of information at our fingertips, explained Ville, “From size preferences, brand afinity and price afinity, to search queries, context and location – we realised we knew a lot about our customers.”

Leveraging the RichRelevance UPS, Bubbleroom has been able to utilize what they know about their customers to improve the mobile experience. The resulting personalized product recommendations made for highly tailored and accurate suggestions, connecting shoppers with the right products straight away.


As a result, Bubbleroom have seen a 16.8% higher average order value from shoppers interacting with recommendations on their mobile device, with items per order increasing by 18.5%. Importantly Bubbleroom has successfully increased their conversion ratio on their mobile to 2% in line with that of their website. Mobile now represents 63% of traffic and 59% of revenue.

“We are delighted we have managed to turn around the performance we are seeing from mobile traffic, it now rivals our website performance. Next, we are setting our sights on taking our personalization to the next level through advanced merchandising.” Concluded Ville.