• SECTOR: Shoes & Accessories
  • SOLUTION: Recommend™ & Engage™
  • CHALLENGE: Looking to overcome the limitations of their e-commerce platform, Corello wanted to introduce personalized shopping experiences to increase revenue, engagement and overall customer loyalty
  • RESULTS: 26% increase RPS. 17% increase in revenues for shoppers that interact with personalized recommendations

“A technology has to prove being sustainable and provide a return on investment which I have found with RichRelevance.” — Felipe Brasil, Director, Corello

Corello, a Brazilian shoes brand founded in 1969, is known for its high-quality design of women’s shoes, bags and accessories. It’s a family-owned business operating over 20 retail stores located in high-class shopping malls and also selling online via to all parts of Brazil.

The digital team at Corello was looking to increase their sales and overcome the limitations of their e-commerce platform. They turned to RichRelevance’s Omnichannel Personalization platform, the Relevance Cloud, to create new possibilities for them. Through creating a more personalized experience for shoppers on their website, they believed they would see a real positive impact in customer experience and uplift in revenue on this already profitable channel.

Corello Selects a Modern, Global Personalization Platform

Corello chose RichRelevance because its personalization platform allowed them to evolve their strategies based on business requirements, whilst enabling them to keep the internal team’s independence and autonomy to create rules with no need to interface with a partner or vendor. In addition the Recommend™ solution was easy to implement with strategies ready-to-use straight away, which brought Corello a lot of reliability and confidence.

RichRelevance‘s worldwide footprint was a key point to Corello because “global companies always bring Best Practices” as Felipe Brasil, Director at Corello explained. He also considers “that a technology has to prove being sustainable and provide a return on investment which I have found with RichRelevance.”

Introducing Shoppers to “Perfect Pairings” with Advanced Merchandising

One of the main challenges Corello faced was cross selling products, with online consumers either only buying shoes or bags, not both. Using RichRelevance, Corello was able to automate rules to show “Perfect Pairings” on their website. In order to improve their productivity they used the RichRelevance Advanced Merchandising solution to expose bags to those shopping for shoes and vice versa. It took Corello minutes to create two combination rules on the RichRelevance Dashboard, and their shoppers are now are exposed to thousands of possible matches, respecting all the rules defined by the visual merchandising team. Currently, each item has an average of 6 smart matches, and this initiative has increased the number of items per order by 17%.

Another important achievement was regarding long tail products: “The RichRelevance personalization platform allows us to boost and recommend long tail products, which most of the time are the most profitable items, but they used to get bypassed by new collections and not shown to our customers before” commented Felipe

He continued: “In our stores, we have the trained Sales Associates to read our customers body language, so they can recommend products based on what they ‘believe will be’ a good fit for every shopper. On our website, we now rely on the RichRelevance personalization platform to decide and deliver the same experience.”

Benefits Corello Experienced With the Relevance Cloud

Considering the overall benefits of adopting RichRelevance Personalization Platform, Corello has experienced an increase of 26% revenue per session, plus shoppers that interact with personalized recommendations spend 17% more than those with no interaction.

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