• SECTOR: Marketplace
  • SOLUTION: Personalized Product Recommendations
  • CHALLENGE: With a wide array of partners and product offerings needed a personalization tool to help improve the customer experience by connecting shoppers with the most relevant products.
  • RESULTS: 25% order value (from those interacting with Recommend™) is an online marketplace with 5,000 partners and a wide array of product offerings. Since they were founded over 10 years ago, demand for their unique, personalized products has continued to rise, with their customer base seeking bespoke and unique products compared to the mass produced offerings on the high street.

For personalization is a particularly important part of improving the customer experience. As a marketplace with such a broad product range and partner base, notonthehighstreet. com customers have very different shopping missions that range from top ticket items like large furniture pieces to Alpaca walking experiences in Derbyshire. With a mission to make every customer interaction as unique and enjoyable as possible, notonthehighstreet. com was looking for a personalization tool to help them connect the most relevant and appropriate product to each shopper.

After looking at whether they could develop a tool internally, turned to RichRelevance’s personalization platform to automate connecting customers with the right products.

“We chose the RichRelevance solution due to the flexibility and depth of personalization it gave us, dovetailing into our own product curation needs. We also liked the unobtrusive nature of the RichRelevance offering and the way it integrated seamlessly, complimenting the customer journey”, explained Michael Roberts, Senior Merchandiser at

“The RichRelevance system is an AI based self learning tool, so the personalization takes care of itself automatically. A dashboard is provided which is easy to use and has powerful reporting and merchandising features built in. This means I can set high level guidelines to refine the recommendations when I need to – for instance when I want special promotions for Mother’s Day or Valentines Day.”

Since implementing Recommend™, found the personalization tool has provided them with insight into their customers’ behavior leading to the ability to highlight interesting new products within their offerings that the shopper might not have found otherwise. This capability is particularly important on mobile.

“With the advance of mobile shoppers whose browse times are much shorter on, the value of tools such as RichRelevance has increased dramatically, as they allow us to promote relevant product visuals to customers quickly and easily”, said Michael Roberts.

RichRelevance personalized product recommendations have high exposure across the website, with placements on the homepage, department pages, the bottom of listing pages and across checkout and add to basket pages. They help the shopper at every stage of their shopping journey.

Since deployed RichRelevance Recommend in 2015 they have seen steady improvements and many benefits both on conversion rates and incremental gain in sales. The AOV of orders interacting with personalized recommendations are 25% higher than those who don’t, showing the value and relevance of the suggestions being made. A total of 11% of orders on notonthehighstreet. com now interact with RichRelevance recommendations. has also been able to utilize RichRelevance personalization software to overcome specific challenges, for example a high bounce rate from search engine traffic, as Michael explained:

“We were struggling to immediately engage with traffic arriving from search engines, where we had a high bounce rate compared to the overall site. We utilized the RichRelevance technology to show very relevant product alternatives at the right time specifically for this source of traffic and as a result reduced our bounce rate by an impressive 13%.”

In terms of the future, sees personalization of the shopping journey as continuing to play an integral role in the way they deliver the right products to the right customers, alongside promoting new products and supporting their valued partners.

“RichRelevance has the features right now that we need to deliver our vision to focus on the needs of our individual customers and deliver them a great shopping experience.” Michael concluded.

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