Consumers have taken control of their interactions with retailers. It’s imperative for retailers to reduce barriers to commerce, leverage data across channels, and understand the performance of each of these aspects in the total customer experience.

We at RichRelevance believe that an open and flexible personalization platform, such as the one described here, will allow retailers to keep pace with the changes in the industry and the new demands of their customers. The modern retailer needs to be agile and innovative to prevail in the new competitive environment; a modern personalization platform is a key tool to compete effectively.

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When shopping, the Search box conveys the notion of simplicity, yet it is one of the most complex and intelligent features on a site. Due to this misconception, it is frequently abused and misused. Often, shoppers enter queries that are too detailed or too vague, resulting in the common ‘no results’ error message, simply because they truly do not understand how complex a search engine’s processes are. Commerce Search is the card catalog to everything a brand or retailer has to offer, and if it isn’t, it should be. However, many search engines do not consider the aspects of Search, nor do they have the ability to overcome the complex challenges of Search.

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This white paper addresses 5 types of user matching challenges and lays out how retailers are able to solve them.

The 5 types of user matching challenges are:

  • Handling anonymous users
  • Accounts per person and persons per account
  • Cross-channel (web, mobile app, store…)
  • Cross-devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet…)
  • Across multiple websites owned by the same company

Download the white paper to find out how you can solve them.

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Cierre de la Brecha de Contenido y Comercio

Personalization platforms complement CMSs to transform generic content delivery into highly personalized, real-time, relevant interactions based on individual behavior, history and preferences.

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Forrester: Impacto Económico Total

The Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester highlights how the Relevance Cloud™ uniquely provides personalized customer experiences.

The report concludes RichRelevance customers see the following benefits:

  • 89% increase in conversion rate
  • 367% return on investment
  • +10% overall revenue uplift (increasing to +15% in year 2)
  • Accelerated innovation and time to market

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Enfoque Empresarial de la Personalización

Working with the largest retailers in the world, RichRelevance understands the importance of knowing your customers’ experience is stellar and their data is safeguarded. We have invested years of effort to ensure the highest levels of privacy, security and response times.

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